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Creation of the Foundation


Created in June 2020 and sheltered by the Fondation de France, the Setec Foundation, is dedicated to funding initiatives that directly contribute to the environmental transformation in the fight against climate change, biodiversity restoration, and marine environment conservation.


Aware of the significant social and societal problems associated with environmental change, the foundation considers fight against poverty (precariousness, energy sovereignty, food, transparency, access to education and treatment, …) to be an important corollary of its action.


The Foundation supports cultural activities that raise social questions about these themes. And the Foundation is particularly responsive to projects with social vocations such as integration, training, and education.


Financial support for projects of general interest


The Setec Foundation is sheltered by the Fondation de France. In this context, it has committed to an initial endowment of 200,000 euros over 5 years (2020-2024).


This sum can be supplemented by contribution from other partners, development of co-financing and individual contribution.


The Setec Foundation has awarded 76,000 euros to the winners of the 2020 call for projects thanks to the additional contributions of the Setec Group’s subsidiaries to its endowment.



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An annual focus

To reinforce the impact of its action, the setec Foundation chooses to work on one theme per year among the five areas of activity in which is committed between 2020 and 2024 (see “commitments”), and to fund one to four initiatives annually.


In 2021, the setec Foundation launched the second call for projects on sustainable construction in France and in Africa. Click here to know more about the terms and conditions. Winners will be announced December 17 2021. 

Local actions with public interest structures

We fund structures that are of public interest and non-profit (associations, NGOs, cooperatives, social enterprises, etc…) and support projects led by student organizations that are of general interest.


In addition to the funding offered by the Setec Foundation, projects can benefit from the involvement of the employees of the Setec group through the skills sponsorship of its subsidiaries. To this end, we encourage projects that are located close to the subsidiaries’ sites.


Multiple measurable impacts

Along with the financial leverage on the projects it funds, the setec Foundation also seeks to assess the social, societal, and environmental impacts of its actions.


Governance of the Setec Foundation


The Setec Foundation is managed by a six-member Executive Committee.

  • Michel Kahan, President of the Setec Group, is Chairman of the Setec Foundation.


Three members are from the Setec Group or subsidiaries:

  • Arnaud Moineville (Setec AS),
  • Stéphane Bicocchi (Setec energy environment),
  • Jean-Bernard Datry (Setec TPI).


Two external members complete the committee:

  • Sophie Mougard, Director of “Ecole des Ponts ParisTech” (ENPC)
  • Eric Philippon, President of FAMAE (an independent family foundation that funds projects to reduce the environmental footprint in the major circular economy sectors: water, waste, energy, mobility, food and consumption).


Setec Foundation Operational Team


The Foundation’s annual roadmaps are defined and implemented by the operational team.

  • Marie Hommeau, head of climate strategy and environmental acceptability at Setec Energy Environment, oversees the skills-based sponsorships.
  • Communications are directed under the strategic leadership of Caroline Day-Califet, Setec Group Director of Communications.



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