Results of the setec Foundation’s first call for project proposals

The Foundation was pleased to announce in fall 2020, the results of its first call for proposals, at the conclusion of the campaign “Actors in the fight against climate change in France”.

A grant of 20,000 Euros was awarded to each of the three winning projects listed below:


Strengthening carbon sinks in the marine environment, led by GIS Posidonie

This scientific project aims to develop a strategy for the reinforcement of carbon sinks in coastal marine environments, along the eastern coast of South Corsica, in the Bonifacio Bouches Nature Reserve in Sant-Amanza Bay, and the installation of an experimental pilot plot for the Posidonia herbarium.

©Gerard Pergent

Companionship in Agroecological Market Gardening, led by Fermes d’Avenir

This project is intended for 32 companions, including refugees. It addresses the need for labor force renewal and the professional integration of long-term unemployed people, as well as the evolution of agricultural practices and environmental protection over time.

©Fermes d’avenir – April 2021

Des Troupeaux et des Arbres, led by the French Association of Agroforestry

The goal of this pluri-annual project is to set up a network of experimental parcels in the Creuse, Corrèze, Gers and Pyrenees Atlantiques (Adour-Garonne Basin) to assess and analyse on site, agroforestry technical approaches that integrate fodder trees in grass-fed breeding systems. The project also includes a specific experiment with the high-density mulberry in an experimental parcel in the Gers.

Students around Felix Noblia – La Ferme de Larrous

In addition, the jury*, particularly enthused by two projects, decided to award special prizes for this first edition, with a grant of 8,000 euros each to:

Fleurir l’avenir des femmes et de la planète (Flowering the future of women and the planet), led by Du Pain et des Roses

This new association created in 2017 in the Paris region, enables women with difficult life paths to receive florist training based on respect for the environment (seasonality of flowers, choice of species etc.). The association supports the French flower market (local productions) and helps to raise awareness among professionals and consumers about climate change and how intensive flower cultivation can impact climate and the environment.

Examples of bouquets of flowers sold in March 2021
©Du Pain & des Roses

A planetary refuge for the trees of tomorrow, led by the Marcel Kroenlein Arboretum

Created in 1989, the Marcel Kroenlein Arboretum, located in Roure in the Alpes-Maritimes (Southern Region) is developing a Seed Bank for tomorrow’s Trees. The aim of this multi-year project is to inventory species threatened by climate change and to preserves them in this exceptional site that combines science, nature, arts and intergenerational solidarity.

©Laurent Oda


The setec Foundation is keen to support the development of all these projects and to promote them among its network, in addition to the grants awarded in 2021.

Key figures of the Setec Foundation’s first call for projects:

  • 74 applications
  • 8 selected applicants auditioned
  • 3 awards
  • 2 special prizes
  • 76,000 euros in total grants have been awarded

The step-by-step campaign and evaluation process:


  • September 22 to November 24: submission of grant applications
  • 24 to 30 November: first selection and evaluation of applications by the setec Foundation team with the support of the Fondation de France
  • 30 November: evaluation of shortlisted projects, by engineers from subsidiaries of the setec group
  • 2 December: selection by the Executive Committee of candidates to be auditioned
  • 16 December: audition of the 8 selected applicants and deliberation by the jury
  • 12 January 2021: announcement of results during the New Year Speech by Michel Kahan, President of the setec Group and Chairman of the setec Foundation

The jury for the auditions of the Setec Foundation’s first call for projects were:

Members of the Setec Foundation Executive Committee:

  • Sophie Mougard, Director of the ‘’Ecole des Ponts ParisTech” (ENPC)
  • Michel Kahan, President of the setec Group and Chairman of the setec Foundation
  • Stephane Bicocchi, Managing Director of setec énergie environnement
  • Jean-Bernard Datry, Director at setec TPI
  • Arnaud Moineville, Director of setec AS

Key Experts:

  • Leila Badis, General Secretary of the FAMAE Impact Fund
  • An-Gaelle Bénédic, Head of Foundations and Environment Programs at the Fondation de France
  • Martin Robain, Associate Architect Founder of ARCHITECTURESTUDIO, member of the Academy of Architecture.

The setec Foundation expresses its special thanks to Gaelle Kergraisse, Head of Foundations and Programs of the Fondation de France, for her valuable help throughout this campaign.