For its 2nd Edition of its call for projects, the setec Foundation is pleased to announce its partnership with the 4th International Environmental Innovation Competition of the FAMAE Endowment Fund.

FAMAE is an endowment fund that supports innovation for the benefit of the environment. FAMAE funds solutions to improve our daily lives while lowering our expenses and reducing our environmental footprint.

With a prize of €1,000,000, this is one of the world’s most ambitious challenges for sustainable innovation. This international competition has several components and is supported by several partners, including the setec Foundation, each of which can choose a sub-theme for which it wishes to propose a dedicated call for projects.

Within the framework of this competition, the setec Foundation is therefore launching a call for projects on sustainable construction in France and in a number of African countries: Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Madagascar, Benin and Gabon.

The theme of sustainable construction is understood in the broadest sense of the term, and includes all types of infrastructure. In this sense, it is not limited to the habitat, housing, real estate and building sectors. It can involve transport structures such as bridges; network infrastructures, notably water and energy; and public service infrastructures such as schools, clinics, social centres, etc. Construction can be modular and can be mobile. It can also include renovation.

Important: The notion of “sustainability” applies to the entire life cycle of the work.

Do not hesitate to apply, if your project is:

  • included in the circular economy: use of local resources, re-use of available resources, waste management, … ;
  • economical with its use of water and other natural resources, with a very low impact on the environment
  • low-carbon and uses renewable energy;
  • a source of employment and training, using locally available labour and local expertise during the construction, operation, maintenance and end-of-life phases
  • sustainable;
  • replicable: the conditions of this replicability must be made explicit;
  • functional with sustainable characteristics that do not limit its uses.

The minimum prize for the call for projects is 100,000 euros.

The calendar of the call for projects is as follows:

  • 17 June to 15 October: Call for applications
  • 16 October to 17 November: Selection and hearings of preselected projects
  • 17 December 2021: Award ceremony

You can apply directly here:

For more information, do no hesitate to contact the Foundation by email via the following address: contact@fondationsetec.org

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