THE TRANSITION FUND : An initiative for setec employees


Since its creation in June 2020, several setec employees have submitted associative projects to the setec Foundation, led by structures they know (associations, NGOs, public research institutions, etc.).

However, not all of them fell within the annual theme of the setec Foundation’s call for projects in 2020 ( fight against climate change in France) and therefore could not be supported.

However, these projects were in line with the Foundation‘s overall mission to promote environmental and societal transition. Therefore in April 2021, almost a year after the creation of the setec Foundation, the Transition Fund was created by the Executive Committee of the setec Foundation.

A fund in collaboration with employees

To increase the number of projects that can be supported, the Executive Committee of the setec Foundation has decided to reserve part of the annual endowment for projects carried out by non-profit organisations (associations, NGOs, public institutions, etc.), suggested by setec employees (France and overseas).

In addition to the annual call for projects, the setec Foundation has created this “Transition” fund to allow employees who so wish to relay projects that they feel should be supported by the Foundation.

In 2021, 3 associations have been supported by the Transition Fund : Palana Environnement, Entreprise des Possibles, and EHFA.

Which organisations are concerned?

  • Non-profit organisations, without private gain. The setec Foundation will support any general interest organisation (associations, NGOs, public institutions, local authorities, cooperatives, etc.); particular attention will be paid to student non-profit organisations
  • Structures that meet the criteria for financial sponsorship.
  • Structures whose “robustness” can be studied. The Foundation is inclined to support recent structures.
  • Structures located in a territory where the group and its subsidiaries are established.

What projects are potentially eligible?

  • The project must be in line with the mission of the setec Foundation in favour of the environmental and social transition.
  • The Foundation will not support projects that will have negative environmental, societal, or socio-economic impacts.

How to submit a project?

Throughout the year, you can submit projects by completing a form, which is accessible only via the setec group’s intranet and reserved for employees.

Two evaluation sessions of the projects by the Executive Committee of the setec Foundation took place in 2021. Discover the winners here.

The session is open for 2022. The Executive Committee favors projects located in Lebanon and Madagascar.

If you do not know any setec employees, you can reach the setec Foundation to present a project (