2021 Call for projects : Discover the winners !

In 2021, the Setec Foundation launched its 2nd call for projects on the theme of sustainable construction in France and in 6 African countries (Benin, Gabon, Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar). It was part of the global competition organised by the FAMAE impact fund on sustainable innovation.

Nearly one hundred applications were submitted for the setec Foundation prize and among them, 3 structures were chosen as winners of the 2021 call for projects by the Executive Committee of the setec Foundation.


The « Nio Far » project by the Nio Far Association (Senegal)


©Nio Far


The “Nio Far” project aims to build, in a sustainable and ecological way, a professional training centre for the professional, social and civic integration of young people, particularly school dropouts, in the department of Oussouye, in Casamance, southern Senegal. Nio Far aims to respond to two social and environmental problems by opening an eco-location, free training centre in sustainable geoconcrete construction, which will allow the professional and social integration of young people. The setec Foundation has committed to providing financial support of 55,000 euros to the project.


To know more about their work, visit the Nio Far website.



The « Kër Alaam Gi » project of SEED Association (Senegal)



The Kër Alaam Gi or “House of the Environment” project is a local ecological and economic development project in the mangrove area of the Senegal River, in the Saint Louis region. In collaboration with the local Economic Interest Group (EIG) Suxali Alaam, the aim is to support economic development and encourage poverty reduction by creating an integrated resource centre dedicated to the environment, using local bio-sourced materials (typha earth) near the mangrove, by developing four responsible business sectors, including two in sustainable construction, and by engaging local communities. The setec Foundation is committed to supporting the project financially to the tune of 35,000 euros.


To know about their work, visit the ONG SEED website.



The « Eco-responsible cassava processing unit » by ANI-International (Cameroon)



The project “Eco-responsible cassava processing unit” is a project to build an eco-responsible cassava processing unit to support the empowerment of rural women micro-entrepreneurs in Leiké, Cameroon. The aim is to make the initiative sustainable by constructing a cassava processing unit based on the renovation of a building and the construction of annexes made of eco-friendly materials. The women will be trained in the standardisation of cassava products to improve their income and quality of life. The setec Foundation is committed to supporting the project with 22,000 euros.


To know more about their work, visit the ANI-International website.