Discover the innovations of the 2022 campaign

This year, the setec Foundation has built its annual campaign on the theme of sustainable construction in Latin America. By focusing its action on four countries where the setec group is implanted (Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Haiti), the Foundation has created a new campaign around the core principle of employee implication.

An innovating call for projects campaign

As a young structure, the Foundation has tested, since its creation in 2020, new approaches each year for finding projects suited for its annual campaign. This year’s campaign is realized internally through the network of setec employees who work, live in, or have connections to the selected countries. Employees can propose projects carried by associations they know or work with, as long as they are in relation to the campaign’s theme.

The role of setec employees

This new preselection method allows for a limited number of applications, which are consequently more relevant to this year’s theme and more appropriate to employee implication due to their physical proximity. Indeed, the setec Foundation values direct employee implication through project visits, which is made more easily possible by working directly with initiatives they care about and are close to.

This approach also has the upside to strengthen the trust between the Foundation, through its involved employees, and the association which carries the project. Because international projects often are more difficult to follow-up with, having a representative on site allows for a better communication and a better understanding of the advancement of the project. It also helps overcome the language barrier.

In previous campaigns, the Foundation reached out to employees during and after the selection process, which led to the necessity of finding an available correspondent on site within the setec network. With this new method, the Foundation hopes to create a direct bond with the international setec community.