Installation of solar panels for the Notre Dame of Nazareth school in Beirut, Lebanon.

In the scope of its Transition Fund, the setec Foundation has initiated a partnership with the Notre-Dame de Nazareth school in Beirut, Lebanon. This project has been brought forward by Diala Abdo, an employee at setec energy and environment. It has been developed in the context of a preset will of the Foundation to provide support for Lebanese actors in a period of national crisis.

Notre-Dame of Nazareth school in Beyrouth © Diala Abdo

The energy production and humanitarian sector in Lebanon have been deeply impacted by the political and economic situation of the country, creating a need to find alternatives to the national electricity network to manage basic needs. This issue was pointed out regarding education, as basic needs in energy for maintaining the activity of a school are not negligible, explained Diala, who frequented a similar school growing up in Beirut.

Therefore, Diala came forward with this project, allowing the Foundation to fund the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the school’s buildings. These new installations supply the school in energy in a stable manner and promote the ecological transition of the sector. Because of energy shortages across Lebanon due to the instability of the national electrical network, many households and companies face the need to use generators for basic uses of electricity. However, in addition to being polluting, this technology relies on fossil fuels that are also scarce in Lebanon. By permitting electricity to be produced independently and sustainably, a better and more accessible is made able for the children who attend Notre-Dame de Nazareth.

Installed solar panels on the school’s roof © Diala Abdo

During a personal trip to Lebanon which was put to voluntary use for the Foundation, Diala has had the chance to visit the school and testify of the advances of the project and meet sister Magida, the school’s principal, who initiated the project. During her visit, she witnessed the installation of several solar panels and the connection to an internal electrical system that sustains the energy needs of the school’s server’s room.

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