2022 Transition Fund laureates




In 2022, the laureates of the Transition Fund were nominated throughout the year. The Foundation did not engage a specific sum for this edition, but rather chose to focus its action on projects located in Lebanon or Madagascar in order to provide crisis relief. 

What is the Transition Fund? 

It is an intiative from the Foundation responding setec employee’s will to participate even more directly in the proposition of projects and to be able to work with strucutures outside of the yearly campaign’s theme. 

The laureates of the 2022 Transition Fund selected by the Executive Comittee of the setec Foundation are the Ateliers de l’Audace, the Notre-Dame de Nzaraeth school project and the NGO Eau de Coco.

The Ateliers de l’Audace


© Fabienne Bardin


Les Ateliers de l’Audace is an assocition from Lyon which aims at training people who are remote from employment to the bike professions. Its social and environmental scope has had a noticeable positive  impact on the isolated populations of the outskirts of Lyon.

This project was coopted by Fabienne Bardin, an employee within setec ITS, who was familiar with the work of the Ateliers. She wanted to participate in the development of their travelling reparation workshops and submitted an application to the Transition Fund.

This project allowed dozens of bikes to be repaired for free and sensibilized many people to the reinsiertion purpose of bike reparation activities, as well as the importance of decarbonized mobility. Five workshops have been held during the 2022 summer and Fabienne has testified of their success when visiting one in august. 

The Notre-Dame of Nazareth school


© Sister Magida


The Notre-Dame de Nazareth school is an institution in Beyrouth, Lebanon that comprises all classes of the education system.

In a context of energy crisis in Lebanon, the school has found istelf in the need for diversifying its energy intake, as the national electric network has become inefficient, to ensure an uninterrupted quality education for all its students. 

The project funded by the Foundation consists in the installation of solar pannels on the roof of the main building of the school, which will provide energy for the functionning of the classes, whilst also contributing to the energy transition of the institution. 

This project was coopted by Diala Abdo, an employee at setec energy and environment. Growing up in Beyrouth, Diala was aware of the needs of schools in the lebanese capital and became the relay between the Foundation and the school for the duration of the project. 

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Eau de Coco

(c) Eau de Coco

The Eau de Coco association is running a social project in the south of Madagascar: “Un accueil, un toit, un nouveau départ” (A welcome, a roof, a new start), which consists of taking in young girls in distress in Tuléar and accompanying them. The support of the setec Foundation allows for the accompaniment of 15 of the young girls in the shelter.

This support consists of several components, ensuring safety and then allowing the girls to reintegrate into their community. It is carried out in the reception centre of an NGO partner of Eau de Coco (Bel Avenir) already established in Tuléar where other children are received, and for whom the importance of this programme has already been proven over several years.

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How to apply to the Transition Fund? 

Applications must be submitted by employees via this form available on the group’s intranet.

Find out more about the Transition Fund by clicking here.