In 2022, the setec Foundation organised its third annual campaign on the theme of sustainable construction in Haiti, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. This campaign is a continuation of the call for projects organised with FAMAE in 2021 on sustainable construction in Africa.


In 2022, the setec Foundation has chosen to modify its project sourcing methodology by mobilising employees of the setec group who work in the countries concerned by the annual campaign. It is these employees who have identified structures and projects that could be included in the setec Foundation’s annual campaign.

The setec Foundation would like to warmly thank them for their involvement throughout the process:

– Colombia: Claudia Patricia Rodriguez Hernandez and Martha Adriana Obando Ortega
– Brazil: Elzio Mistrelo
– Haiti: Réginald Baussan
– Peru: Alberto d’Amato


About ten projects were presented by these volunteer setec employees involved in the sourcing of projects. The Executive Committee of the setec Foundation decided to financially support four projects, one per country:

Colombia: restoration of a community aqueduct for the El Comun association. For more information, click here.

Brazil: installation of sustainable energy infrastructure for the empowerment of an Amazonian community. Find out more about the project here.

Haiti: Restoration of sanitary facilities and a waste management area to improve the working conditions of women in the markets of Port-au-Prince. For more information, click here.

Peru: the commitment of the setec Foundation is subject to an administrative condition. The project will be presented as soon as this condition is lifted.


In total, the setec Foundation has allocated 164,000 euros to these projects. The employees involved in their identification continue to support the setec Foundation in monitoring the implementation of the projects.