Long term commitment

In its second year of operation, the setec Foundation was keen to offer the winning organisations of its first call for projects a mechanism for renewing its financial support for a further year.

Thus, in 2021, two of the five organisations supported in 2020 were able to obtain additional funding to carry out their action (Arboretum Marcel Kroenlein and GIS Posidonies). The support of the setec Foundation was renewed again for these two structures in 2022.

The same approach was implemented for the structures supported in the framework of the call for projects on sustainable construction in Africa:

SEED: bioconstruction of a school in Saint-Louis (Senegal), using the same constructive principle as the Maison de l’Environnement project in Bango. For more information, click here.



NIO FAR: support for the construction of a geo-concrete hut in Boucotte-Diambering (Senegal), according to a new architectural test to continue to enrich the training of local craftsmen in these techniques. For more information, click here.



ANI International: exceptional support for the finalisation of the construction of a cassava processing unit in Lekée (Cameroon), in view of the inflation affecting the cost of materials. To find out more about this project, you can watch the association’s video by clicking here.



The setec employees involved in the follow-up of the project have also renewed their commitment and will continue to visit these structures and exchange with them. Many thanks to them!