Nio Far: new architectural test to complete training facilities

Winner of the 2021 call for projects, the Nio Far project, led by the eponymous association, has enabled the creation of an eco-place in Boucotte-Diambering, Senegal. The partnership between the Setec Foundation and the association was renewed in November 2022, allowing the financing of a final geoconcrete hut, the last infrastructure for the training courses.

This new construction unit consists of a reception building for the beneficiaries and trainers of the Maison de l’Environnement.

Framework of the hut already built – (c) Nio Far


Its construction is planned in local bio-sourced materials, carrying out a new architectural test, still in earth and removing as much iron as possible, but with a different visual structure, and a single slope roof. This latest work of the eco-place completes the diversity of architecture and expands the book of possibilities in geo-concrete.

In addition, capacity building training on the topic of iron-free geo-concrete construction is organised during the construction activities. Former beneficiaries of the “Geo-concrete masonry” session are invited to come and specialise in this method, which very few masons have mastered.

This latest geo-concrete project aims to continue to promote earth construction in the area and to further develop the possibilities of alternative architecture. The methodology of this construction is still based on a “construction action plan” which is based on the ethical values of Nio Far: sustainable building with a low environmental performance index, choice of materials (local, traceability, transport), craftsmen/service providers (local, traditional know-how, transmission of knowledge) and fittings (reuse, revalorisation, rehabilitation)

Adramé Ndiaye, an engineer from setec Afrique, is again involved with the setec Foundation this year in monitoring the project. A visit to the site after a training session is planned, as well as regular exchanges.

The already built part of the NIO FAR site – (c) Adramé Ndiaye

On 19 November 2022, NIO FAR was inaugurated in the presence of craftsmen, training beneficiaries and partners. The setec Foundation was represented by Adrame Ndiaye at this high quality festive event. Discover the images of the event in a film produced by the association by clicking on the image below (in French):


Since then?


The latest addition to the eco-lieu is currently being completed.

Adramé Ndiaye, a volunteer and representative of the setec Foundation on site, challenged a project to create a phyto-purification system (a natural process for filtering or depolluting wastewater, using plants).

This was followed by a 2-day workshop on best practices in water treatment and eco-construction.

Alongside this, the association continues to give place to this site, notably by organizing training courses such as the one in July 2023 on cell phone repair.