2023 Transition Funds laureates

What is the Transition Fund?

It’s an initiative of the setec Foundation which, after receiving requests from employees of the setec group, decided to dedicate part of the annual endowment to finance projects outside the annual campaign (which focuses on biodiversity in coastal wetlands in 2023).

The 2023 winners

The 2023 winning projects of the Transition Fund selected by the Executive Committee of the setec Foundation are those of Ateliers de l’Audace, Rêv’Elles, Travail et Vie and Innovations Bleues.


Only part of the funds has been used to date, for two associations located in the Lyon metropolitan area, Paris and Saint-Herblain. Applications from other associations, all sponsored by setec employees, will be analysed by the Executive Committee in July.



The association “Les Ateliers de l’Audace” had already received support in 2022. The setec Foundation has renewed its support for the organisation of bicycle repair workshops in the Greater Lyon area during the summer of 2023. The results of this activity will be presented this autumn. To find out more, go to the 2022 page by clicking here.

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The Rêv’Elles association helps young women in working-class neighbourhoods (aged 14-20) in Lyon and the surrounding area to break free from prejudices, by building spaces of trust and encouraging collective dynamics, so that they can develop their power to act and take their rightful place.

The setec Foundation is supporting the class of 2023-2024. The project will start in September 2023 and end in March 2024. See you next winter for an initial update on our partnership.

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For 30 years now, the association Travail et Vie  has been helping women in precarious situations to find their way back into sustainable employment through an integration program at the laundry on rue Saint-Maur in Paris. As the program is working well, the association is willing to change the scale of the laundry activity by moving to new buildings that will double the capacity, offering work to 15 to 20 women, while significantly improving working conditions. The laundry’s energy and ecological performance will also be improved following the acquisition of new machinery. Work has already begun, and the move is scheduled for September 2023!

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Innovations Bleues is an association promoting eco-innovation,  environmentally-friendly approach to the sea, rivers and coasts, and sustainable management of maritime, river and coastal areas. It created the Ocean & Climate Platform, which has now become independent.  (More info here)

The “Greenlandia” project, financed by the setec Foundation, supports scientific research while giving a voice to a Greenlandic community on the front line of climate change. In August 2023, a new scientific expedition will be carried out to study and understand the evolution of climate change and its consequences on the adaptation of this community. These data will then be shared to schoolchildren, and documentaries will be produced. The goal of this meaningful project is to anticipate changes and adaptations in response to the climate crisis. It provides the keys to developing innovations and adapting our lifestyles.

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