SEED Mapping Mangroves

The SEED association, a structure supported since 2021 by the setec Foundation, is one of the winning structures of the setec Foundation’s 2023 annual campaign, which focused on biodiversity in coastal wetlands.

The “Mapping Mangroves” research-action project, which aims to preserve the St-Louis mangrove in Senegal by integrating a participatory documentation approach, is sponsored by Adramé N’Diaye of setec Afrique.

The setec Foundation has pledged to finance 50,000 euros, which will be used to develop intervention protocols, support programs for local populations and the creation of an operational tool.




Senegal has three mangrove ecosystems: in the south of the country, in the Casamance region; in the center, in the Sine-Saloum delta; and in the north, in the lower Senegal River delta. Since the 1970s, 40% of the country’s mangrove areas have disappeared under the dual pressure of human activity and global warming on wetlands on an international scale (UN). Since the 1980s, local public policies, the documentation of threatened ecosystems by various West African universities, and the protection and preservation actions undertaken by non-governmental organizations have helped to reduce the pressure on Senegal’s fragile areas.



Empower communities and stakeholders involved in the protection
in mangrove protection and regeneration.

Missions :

  • Regeneration and restoration with action protocols
  • Creation of a common culture
  • Action research program and participatory documentation
  • Supporting local populations to change their practices (business)
  • Creation of an operational tool

These missions are structured around 5 activities:

1. Documentation and data collection
2. Engaging communities and civil society
3. Lower Delta mangrove restoration
4. Integrated economic activities respectful of the environment
5. Development of advocacy

The duration of the project is approximately one year, starting in the first quarter of 2024.