APREMA: restoration of 6 hectares of mangroves in Douala

The APREMA association (Action to protect and restorate the mangroves of Africa) is one of the winners of the setec Foundation’s 2023 annual campaign, which focused on biodiversity in coastal wetlands. The project, sponsored by our collaborator Norbert Kouawa, setec Cameroun, involves the restoration of 6 hectares of mangroves in Douala.

The project revolves around participatory reforestation, awareness-raising and capacity-building for local stakeholders in the management of natural resources emanating from mangroves.

The setec Foundation has pledged to finance 41,600 euros to be used for all these actions.  


APREMA’s project is part of the environmental protection of mangrove ecosystems.

Objectives :

Promote the fight against all forms of human pollution and nuisance, taking particular account of their impact on mangroves.
Propose solutions to reduce anthropic pressures on mangroves.



The strategies used to achieve the project’s objectives are entirely based on a participatory approach involving town councils, traditional chiefdoms, civil society organizations and local residents.

Community organization remains at the heart of APREMA’s intervention to ensure better involvement of all social categories in project activities. The executing agency works in close collaboration with the Wouri Departmental Environment Delegation. Other consultants, consultancies and NGOs are called upon as required.

The strategy adopted is underpinned by the quest for total cohesion and a strong contribution from all social players. Gender is a quality criterion that is taken into account in all project activities.

The project will run from February to July 2025.