The setec Foundation is evolving through a network of stakeholders which are enabling its deployment. Hosted by the Fondation de France, it is initially run by a member of the staff. Since its creation, Marie Hommeau, from setec énergie environnement, is doing skills-sponsorship for the Foundation, devoting part of her working time to it. The themes and projects supported are discussed and chosen by the setec Foundation Executive Committee, which meets several times a year and is made up of Michel Kahan, Stéphane Bicocchi, Arnaud Moineville, Jean-Bernard Datry, Sophie Mougard and Eric Philippon.


Content translation, accounting and finance, communications, administrative procedures… these are just some of the skills setec as provides to the Foundation. Several setec employees work on a daily basis to support the Foundation. The Foundation is structured around a network of stakeholders, including you! If you too, as an employee, would like to get involved, there are various ways to do so, depending on your motivations, your time and your desires. We’ll explain!


Become a project sponsor Vecteur gratuit Équipe sociale aidant la charité et partageant l'espoir

Whether it’s a project you’ve co-opted as part of the Transition Fund, or a project that interests you (calling on your field and/or technical expertise), you can monitor the project in the field and act as a link between the setec Foundation and the project sponsors.


Fabienne BARDIN, setec its is sponsoring  2 winning projects of the Transition 2023 Fund: “I became a sponsor of the Foundation because I wanted to support 2 associations that were close to my heart: one that works to reintegrate people into society through cycling, and the other that supports young women from working-class neighborhoods in their career development. I now have a monitoring role to ensure that we’ve made the right choice and that the funds are used efficiently.


Katherine ACOSTA FERNANDEZ, setec GCA Colombia Project for the Countryside (El Comun): ” The non-profit association El Común was created as a strategy for rural communities to be able to manage their resources according to their needs, and to be able to contribute to sustainable development processes in different municipalities in the department of Santander. Contributing to the development of this type of social project through the renovation of a community aqueduct is gratifying because we can contribute ideas, action plans and solutions for improving the quality of life of the members of these communities who, due to their economic conditions, cannot meet all the basic needs of human beings.”


Bao ANDRITSAINA, setec Madagascar for the association Eau de Coco-Madagascar: “I was asked to become godmother of the Eau de Coco project when I expressed my desire to get involved with the Foundation. The project involves supporting young girls in shelters in Tuléar. It’s particularly close to my heart, both because it’s so important given the local context, but also because the situations of the young girls supported touch me personally. In June 2023, I welcomed one of the project’s members to the setec offices to strengthen the link with the players on the ground.”


Sophie TRAN, setec énergie environnement Volunteer for the 2023 annual campaign: “Being a sourcing volunteer for the Foundation’s 2023 campaign is a very rewarding experience. Contacting potential candidates has enabled me to discover the passionate commitment of the people behind their projects, and to become aware of the diversity of actions undertaken, to be pursued and supported”.

Join the sourcing team ! Vecteur gratuit minuscule responsable des ressources humaines à la recherche d'un candidat pour un emploi. interview, loupe, illustration vectorielle plane écran d'ordinateur. carrière et emploi

From a few hours to a few days of volunteer work. On one or more stages, be part of the team of setec volunteers who identify structures and projects that may correspond to our campaigns and values, contact them, support them in their application, and participate in the pre-selection of projects.


Bring support and assistance


On an ad hoc basis, to help with the running of the Foundation (development of organizational tools, for example), to provide expertise in pre-selecting projects or moving them forward, or to facilitate the link between the associations with projects and the Foundation.


Yvan ROUARD, setec opency Hubspot Development: “I believe that the role of a company is not limited to that of an economic operator. Through its structure, a community of men and women, it must also fulfill social and societal functions. The setec Foundation is one of the most effective ways for Group companies to contribute to this. So I wanted to get involved, by contributing my experience in setting up a CRM, used as a tool for managing contacts and calls for projects. ”


Please note

It’s also possible to get involved with the structures supported by the Foundation through skills sponsorship >> don’t hesitate to get in touch with your branch management to find out about the possibilities and procedures. If you’re interested in the activities or projects supported by the Foundation, if you’d like to get involved in some way (even if you don’t know how!), if you’d like to make one of your skills available, or just find out more about the 2023 campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact Marie Hommeau (marie.hommeau@setec.com). You’ll find all the Foundation’s information on its website, and don’t forget to follow its news on its LinkedIn page and on the Group intranet.