The stay of young girls in the Eau de Coco association’s homes in Tuléar and Mangily, Madagascar

The setec Foundation has supported the Eau de Coco association in helping 21 young girls gain self-confidence, education, dignity and social emancipation.



For the past 1 year, these girls have been living in shelters in Tuléar and Mangily, Madagascar.


The situation of these most vulnerable girls involves physical, sexual and psychosocial violence. The “Un accueil, un toit, un nouveau départ” project tackles school drop-out, malnutrition and child labor.

The Eau de Coco association, with the operational support of the local NGO Bel Avenir, is actively working to protect these young girls by creating favorable conditions for their physical and moral reconstruction, so that they can develop a school and/or professional life project. This also involves community reintegration, and possibly family reunification.

The girls supported within the framework of the partnership with the setec Foundation have followed a 1-year integration and attendance program. These involve a number of fundamental actions:

– Day-to-day catering for young people
– Access to health and hygiene supplies
– Securing host homes
– Validation of pathways by young people and families, and their involvement in social integration
– Professional care
– Raising awareness of basic health care
– Integration into sports, art and cultural activities
– Psychological follow-up
– Setting up discussion groups
– reintegration of young people into a suitable schooling program
– regularization of civil status
– …


The young people and their families are supported by educators, psychosocial workers and the Bel Avenir NGO team, making this project possible.

Of these 21 beneficiaries, 16 are about to begin the third stage of their reintegration.

The setec Foundation is proud to have contributed to these girls’ first step towards self-fulfilment.